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Sectoral Conference on Wildlife Hazard Management

The Birds and Flights of Aviation Sectoral Conference is the most representational present-day forum for aviation specialists from Russia and the CIS, a place to acquire relevant information and share views on various issues of birdstrike prevention.

The sectoral conference is held regularly since 2017. The host of the conference is The Aviation Ornithology Group (AOG) of the Two Wings Company.

21-23 March 2023. The AOG hosted the 4thconference "Birds and Flights of Aviation".

The work streams of the Birds and Flights of Aviation Sectoral Conference are:

- deliberation of present practical aspects of wildlife hazard management, shaping the specialists views,

- extension of specialized knowledge and professional development in the field of wildlife hazard management,

- cooperation of airports, airlines, government bodies, Russian Academy of Sciences and the Aviation Ornithology Group for collective search for solutions to wildlife hazard problem.

Airport Wildlife Hazard Management
Training Course

An inquiry of 2019 showed that 72% of participants supported the AOG initiative to launch a wildlife hazard management training course. Since 2021 such course has become a part of the Birds and Flights of Aviation Conference. The class hours are included in the timeline of its program.

The Participants

A survey of application forms from the first three conferences of 2017, 2019 and 2021 has revealed a sector-specific entry list. Members of Flights Safety Inspection constitute 11 % of the total number of participants, specialists of the airfield service 18%, wildlife conrol specialists 37%, others 34%.

The sectoral conference gathered 50 participants in 2017, 71 participants in 2019 and 44 in 2021.

In 2017 the sectoral conference Birds and Flights of Aviation was attended by representatives of 7 airlines, 5 airlines were present in 2019 and 1 in 2021.

For the period of 20172021 the Conference was attended by representatives of 44 airports including: 37 Russian airports, 2 Kazakh airports, 2 Kyrgyz airports, 2 Uzbek airports and 1 Belarusian airport. 16 % of that number have participated in all three conferences, 34 % in two of them and 50% have visited only once.

The Conference has proved its international status by receiving guests from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Croatia, Italy and Canada.


The Universal-Acoustic Trade Mark is the unchangeable sponsor of the Birds and Flights of Aviation Sectoral Conference. Airports having in service the bioacoustic devices of the Russian series Universal-Acoustic participate on preferential terms.

Birdstrike prevention


The 3rd Birds and Flights of Aviation Conference of 2021

The 2nd Birds and Flights of Aviation Conference of 2019

The 1st Birds and Flights of Aviation Conference of 2017

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